Sex in the Shower

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gift-imghotshowerI had sex in the shower yesturday.

Sex in the shower was never something I particularly enjoyed. Foreplay in the shower, on the other hand, is a different story. There is a lot of exploration to be done while soaping up your partner. The simple act of touching them, sliding your hands over every inch of their being, is very erotic. Pressing your bodies together in the pseudo-rainfall, kissing slowly and passionately, can prepare you both for an evenings worth of pleasure.

Sexual intercourse in the shower, on the other hand, can, and to me, will always be uncomfortable. The water washes away her natural lubricants every time you partially withdraw, which can lead to a friction burn.  The shower floor can be very slippery. And if you’re on the bottom, well, your shoulder blades always end up  agonizing in pain. Sometimes it ends up being more awkward and frustrating than heart-pounding and sexy. Regardless, continuation of the festivities after the shower can start with the toweling off process, leading into some very mutually satisfying lovemaking. But I suppose it all depends on your idea of a good time, so in that case, do you think sex in the shower is a good idea or a bad idea? I would personally have to say MOST of the times, nay,…occaisionally, yay!

Sexually Submitted,

Dick Tator


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